BOSCORF Advisory Group

BOSCORF is a specialised NERC curatorial facility and is overseen by the BOSCORF Advisory Group. The BOSCORF Advisory Group exists to:

  •     Review BOSCORF procedures and services
  •     Review the utilisation of BOSCORF resources
  •     Provide advice to Director, Science and Innovation, on aspects of the service provided by BOSCORF

 Director, Science and Innovation, in turn, provides advice to the Science and Innovation Strategy Board on NERC Services and Facilities.

    Terms of reference for the BOSCORF Advisory Group

  •  To give guidance to the Head of Service of the repository on the service function
  •  To give advice to the Head of Service on funding and development of repository services and facilities
  •  To review the importance of the repository within the national and international marine geoscience community and its role in engendering scientific research and publications
  •  To monitor the level of user satisfaction with the service and to analyse the user base
  •  To advise the Chief Operating Officer, on anticipated changes in requirements from the repository and the anticipated levels of future demand for data or other services provided by the repository
  •  To receive annually a report from the Head of Service and to comment thereon as appropriate prior to submission of the report to the Chief Operating Officer
  •  To advise on the level and direction of the internal R&D programme for the Service
  •  To monitor the quality of applications to sample BOSCORF cores, or use BOSCORF facilities, within the context that core acquisition on UK ships has already been peer-reviewed and graded highly. The Advisory Group will decide on the merits of applications that, by the size, and number of samples requested, would seriously deplete BOSCORF cores.
  •  To provide advice to the Chief Operating Officer at other times as appropriate.

    Membership Constraints

    The Chief Operating Officer will decide membership of the Advisory Group, with advice from the appropriate Science and Innovation Strategy Board and suggestions from the Advisory Group itself. It will include the Head of Service and a representative from the Science Programmes Directorate. Members, other than ex-officio members, will be invited to serve for a term of up to four years with a maximum extension of a further two years. The Chairman will serve a maximum of four years.

Current Advisory Group Membership

The current Advisory Group membership is:

Chairman: Professor I. Hall (University of Cardiff) (2013 - present)

Dr. C. Cotterill (British Geological Survey) (2015 - present)

Professor C. Tzedakis (University of London)  (2013 - present)

Dr. J. Smith (British Antarctic Survey) (2015 - present)

Dr. U. Röhl (University of Bremen)  (2013 - present)

Dr. G. Allen (Chief Information Officer, NOC)

Dr. S. MacLachlan (Curator)