Core Splitter

BOSCORF has recently installed a new Geotek core splitter to enable rapid, high quality splitting of a range of core liner widths. The new core splitter utilises two blades to split the liner, a first pass with a vibrating blade, followed by slicing with a fixed, hooked slitting blade ensures the split core surface is undisturbed by plastic debris, and ideally suited to further analysis and high resolution photography. The flexible set up means core liners > 3mm thick can be split without damaging the core or disturbing the sediment by repeated passes. A core liner with a width between 5 and 15 cm can be set up and split within 4 minutes. The maximum length that can be split is limited to 155 cm.


The splitter is manually operated, utilising a hand-wheel for the user to control speed, and allowing obstacles in the core to be identified early. Large clasts of IRD can be problematic for core splitting, but these can be accommodated with assistance.



Full operational details:

Geotek Core Splitter Manual