Multi-Sensor Core Logger-Standard

The MSCL-S is fitted with P-wave velocity, gamma density (bulk density), magnetic susceptibility and non-contact resistivity sensors, together with a Geoscan III full colour digital linescan imaging system which produces RGB images and profile data from cores.  These sensors produce a stream of precise, accurate measurements at a spatial resolution as low as a few mm, that can be used by scientists and engineers, both intrinsically for their actual values, or as proxies for changes in lithology, texture or sedimentary origin. 



Scientific applications of the MSCL-S

Property measured

    Example applications

gamma ray attenuation
  • measurement of sediment bulk density
  • stratigraphic correlation between cores
  • porosity measurement
  • measurement of water content
P-wave velocity
  • seismic correlation
  • stratigraphic correlation
  • construction of synthetic seismograms
  • core quality assessment
  • determination of grain-size variations
magnetic susceptibility
  • terrigenous material indicator
  • stratigraphic correlation between cores
  • turbidite identification and correlation
  • glacial-interglacial climatic cycle studies
electrical resistivity
  • grain-size-related lithological information