XYZ Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL-XYZ)

The MSCL-XYZ is fitted with a Bartington magnetic susceptibility point sensor and a Konica Minolta spectrophotometer that allows the user to mount multiple split core sections and log them in a single operation without further user intervention. A natural gamma spectrometer can also be fitted for correlation and radioactive studies.  BOSCORF’s MSCL-XYZ provides time-efficient logging of two key parameters (magnetic susceptibility and greyscale reflectance) and is the only instrument of its kind at a UK institution.




Scientific applications of the MSCL-XYZ

Property measured

    Example applications

magnetic susceptibility
  • terrigenous material indicator
  • stratigraphic correlation between cores
  • turbidite identification and correlation
  • glacial-interglacial climatic cycle studies
  • quantification of sediment lightness and sediment colour variability
  • identification of palaeoclimatic cycles and events
  • detection and quantification of small-scale variability
natural gamma
  • determination of lithological character
  • radioactive mineral determination and study
  • stratigraphic correlation