ItraxPlot: An Intuitive Flexible Program for Rapidly Visualising Itrax Data

TitleItraxPlot: An Intuitive Flexible Program for Rapidly Visualising Itrax Data
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsCroudace, IW, Rothwell, G
EditorCroudace, IW, Rothwell, G
Book TitleMicro-XRF Studies of Sediment Cores: Applications of a non-destructive tool for the environmental sciences
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
ISBN Number978-94-017-9849-5

ItraxPlot is data visualization software specifically designed to rapidly and efficiently display Itrax micro-XRF core scanner data to aid effective scientific interpretation. Data from sediment cores or slabbed material such as rock, concrete, speleothems, wood etc. can be efficiently displayed. The program does not modify any original data but incorporates a wide range of features to customise visual representation of Itrax datasets. The program was written for a Windows environment and allows users to rapidly display, optimize, organize, adjust and analyse their data following the completion of their scans or at any time after. A variety of final output options allow data to be produced for spreadsheets, presentations and publications.