School visits

BOSCORF welcomes school and university visits, we are happy to try and create the right experience for you depending on your time and interests, and level of experience. Our core collection is used for studies of geohazards, climate change and biology, and we are happy to discuss any specific requests you have. If you are planning to visit BOSCORF, there are numerous activities that can be arranged within the National Oceanography Centre at the same time. They have details on their website and can be contacted at  


Tours of the Lab

If you are a local school or college and would like to arrange for a tour of the core store and the lab, we can offer a short guided tour of the cold storage, the instruments and the prep lab. This tour highlights how sediment cores are retrieved, why they are an important resource, and a broad overview of the science involved. This is intended as part of a wider experience day at the NOC, if you are planning a school visit, please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will make every effort to accommodate you.



Quaternary Marine Science Experience Day

This session is targeted towards students taking either geography or geology A-Levels and looking for a course related fieldtrip. The specific content of the trip can be discussed, the current course content focuses on geohazards, specifically the Storegga landslide and tsunami that occurred 8200 years ago. Students are given a lecture on tsunami risks and the history of the Norwegian Continental Margin and known submarine landslides. We briefly cover the quaternary dating methods that can be used in the region before introducing the students to the core store working lab. Here they have the opportunity to log a sediment core that contains evidence of volcanic eruptions and potentially tsunamigenic landslides. Using the data provided, they will identify which volcanoes produced the tephra deposits in the core, and then use the known dates of these eruptions to build an age-depth model for the core, and date the landslide deposits (turbidites). Once they have dated the turbidites, they will then discuss the implications of their data to the UK, and appropriate responses to the risk.

This is intended as a longer session to cover 3-4 hours, but can be shortened depending on your requirements (min. 1 hour). Alternatively, if you are a university group please contact us to discuss your course requirements. This activity takes place in an active laboratory environment, and ideally numbers should be limited to 30. We may be able to offer this as a visit to schools provided we can arrange a suitable space in your school/college/university to display the cores. Please contact us for details.


Summer School Participation

BOSCORF contributes every year to the summer school programs hosted at NOC, we run a two-hour practical session on UK Geohazards for geology and geophysics summer schools, and a short tour of the lab for all other disciplines.


Younger students

Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to accommodate students younger than 14 in the lab, but we can arrange a school visit for one of our members of staff to come to you with some examples of sediment cores and speak at your school. Please email us with details of the age group and where you are and we can discuss you requirements and availability.