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The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program has three main core repository facilities: The - located at the University of Bremen in Bremen, Germany; - Gulf Coast Repository located at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas; - located at Kochi University in Kochi, Japan.

Lamont Doherty Core Repository: Columbia University, New York
The collection contains approximately 72,000 metres of core comprising 9,700 piston cores, 7,000 trigger weight cores and 2,000 other core types, including box, kasten and other large diameter gravity cores.

LACCORE: University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

LacCore Facility archives several thousands of metres of sediment cores from large and small expeditions to lakes all around the world. 

, University of California San Diego
The SIO Geological Collections contain 6600 sediment cores and over 3500 dredge hauls from the world's oceans. La Jolla, California.
, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island
The Marine Geological Samples Laboratory (MGSL) of the Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island serves as the central repository for dredge rocks, deep-sea cores and land-based geological samples collected by the Marine Geology and Geophysics Group. Narrgansett, Rhode Island, USA.

Woods Hole, Massachussetts

The collection contains over 14,000 archived marine geological samples from more than 425 separate oceanographic expeditions. The inventory includes sediment cores, rock dredges, surface grabs and samples collected by DSRV Alvin.


The marine sediment and rock collection at Oregon State University comes from all oceans. As of 2011, it contains over 15,000 metres of sediment from 6000 cores and more than 14,700 rocks from 509 dredges. Corrallis, Oregon, USA.






PSICAT, CHRONOS's Paleontological Stratigraphic Interval Construction and Analysis Tool, is a stand-alone Java based graphical editing tool for creating and viewing stratigraphic column diagrams from drill cores and outcrops.

  Munsell colour/CIE/XYZ/RGB color conversion software (PC only). Free software for converting between different colour systems. Includes a visual representation of the Munsell colour system.  

SedLog: a shareware program for drawing graphic logs and log data manipulation

SedLog is a multi-platform software for creating graphic sediment logs. Is designed by geologists for geologists. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface, making it very easy for anyone to use with minimum effort. The graphic sediment logs generated by SedLog can be exported as PDF, SVG, or JPEG for use by other drawing applications or for publications. Log data can be imported and exported in CSV format. Graphic logs can also be printed to any paper size the user wants. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit page, Fit Height and Fit Width facilities are also provided to enable the user to customise the workspace size.

  Xelerate: Freeware for handling XRF datasets, calibration and PC analysis of sediment core data