Standard Operating Procedures

Click on the links below for guides to the standard operating procedures used at BOSCORF. These procedures are based on international best practise and are based in part on the Handbook for Shipboard Sedimentologists (1988 - ODP Technical Note 8)

Core Description Procedures (method for recording the structural and sedimentary features of cores)

Smear Slide Analysis (method for creating and analysing smear slide samples)

U-Channel Sample Preparation (method for extracting U-channel samples from sediment cores)

MSCL-XYZ Logging Procedures (instructions for use of the MSCL-XYZ logging software)

Minolta Spectrophotometer Method (instructions on how to set up and use the Minolta Spectrophotometer to take Musell Colour readings)

ITRAX Corescanner User Guide (step by step instructions for using the ITRAX Corescanner)

ITRAX Corescanner
Minolta Spectrophotometer
MSCL-XYZ core logger