Training Courses

BOSCORF ran two short training courses for PhD's and ECR's in 2018, and anticipates offering a similar programme in 2019.

The Advanced techniques course will run in May 2019 and is intended for later stage PhD's and ECR's who have large volumes of non-destructive core logging data, with a particular focus on XRF data. This course will cover the Avaatech and Itrax Core Scanners, and how each system works. Tutors will cover the data limitations, methods for interpretation and a variety of tools to aid in the presentation and assessment of data. Students will also be introduced to software solutions designed for handling Itrax and other downcore data.

BOSCORF are will repeat the introductory course for sediment core collection, analysis, interpretation and visualisation. This course is scheduled for September 2019 (dates to be released spring 2019), and is targeted specifically at first year PhD students with limited experience of working with sediments. The 2018 course included an introduction to core logging, sampling, grain size analysis and core curation. Students were introduced to a range of tools for data visualisation, and were provided with a comprehensive take home package of software and resources to aid their PhD studies.