Workshop Application

Application to attend three-day NERC Advanced Training Course on 'Advanced techniques in sediment core analysis and core data visualization' at BOSCORF, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (4-6 September 2017).

The information collected as part of the application process will only be used for the purpose of the workshop application and to communicate information about the  workshop.


This is asked for for accommodation purposes
Please give an overview of your thesis, with particular emphasis on the areas of study this course will relate to and a description of the data you have collected/will be collecting from sediment cores (100-200 words).
Please provide a brief description of your experience of working with core material and core logging instrumentation and software (Max 200 words).
Please indicate why the student would be appropriate to attend the workshop. Please note you are applying to an academically rigorous and competitive geoscience workshop with participation based largely on the quality of this narrative. We expect roughly 200-300 words.