Core Repository

The BOSCORF core repository building consists of four inter-connected cold stores that hold over 14 kilometres of marine sediment from all over the World. This makes BOSCORF the largest deep ocean sediment core repository in the UK.

Most sediment cores stored at BOSCORF were collected over the past five decades, yet new expeditions add to our collection every year. The core collection harbours unique geological samples used by research scientists world-wide to investigate topics such as geo-hazards, climate change, and marine ecosystems. In our cold stores we keep cores under low light conditions and refrigerated at 4°C. These conditions, in combination with the Marine Sediments Collection Management System, allow optimum core preservation for analysis and future investigations.

In addition to the physical collections, we provide online resources, and can help you plan your expedition/fieldwork such that new material is suitable for storage at BOSCORF. Please explore the online repository facilities to help you find your sample, dataset, associate repository, software package, and/or tips and advice for your next expedition or field trip.