May 21, 2020
BOSCORF will be reopening laboratory services on May 26th. We would encourage anyone considering using the BOSCORF analysis facilities, the open access sediment core collection or preparing a grant proposal to get in touch. 1. Project costings for grant applications: If you are developing a grant proposal that includes samples from the sediment core collection or the use of the analysis facilities, please email with an outline of your planned sediment core... Read more
May 6, 2020
MSCL-S BOSCORF operating procedure BOSCORF has revised its working procedures for gathering data on all sediment cores analysed at the facility including new sediment cores accessioned into the collection.  BOSCORF aims to log all sediment cores using the MSCL-S (Geotek Multi Sensor Core Logger – Standard) prior to splitting.  This ensures that the best quality data is captured from the sediment cores.  Physical property datasets are highly requested, however if the data is not captured soon after sediment core... Read more
April 28, 2020
“Back in February 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic had only just reached the UK, I was lucky enough to bring my haul of 22 core sections to BOSCORF at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton for analysis. These gravity cores were retrieved from regions of inshore western Scotland for my PhD project looking at the formation of pockmarks. As gas is produced through microbial decomposition of organic material it can build to a pressure that forces the gas to increase in buoyancy and force... Read more