August 28, 2019
Following the well-received tweet this week promoting the available marine sediment cores, the BOSCORF team thought a summary of how to access the collection would be appreciated.   BOSCORF curates the UK’s deep-sea sediment core collection, any sediment core collected as part of a UKRI funded research, or cores collected aboard a UKRI research vessel, are housed in our specialist facility in Southampton. The facility and collection are available to all researchers,... Read more
August 21, 2019
The Weddell Sea project is focused on investigating the stability or otherwise of the Larsen-C Ice Shelf (eastern Antarctic Peninsula) on the timescale of decades to centuries to millennia. Ice shelves are floating tongues of ice that extend seaward from grounded Antarctic glaciers and ice sheets on land. They are dynamically part of the Antarctic Ice Sheet and make up about 75% of Antarctica’s coastline and cover about 12% of the total area of Antarctica (1.5 M km2). Ice-shelf change can be... Read more
August 21, 2019
On Thursday 15th August BOSCORF’s Data Management Assistant, Miros Charidemou, participated in the annual National Oceanography Centre, Southampton Triathlon, held at Calshot Beach. The event included a 500m open water swim, a 16km cycle and a 4.6km run. Miros participated in the relay team event alongside University of Southampton PhD students Emma Watts and Matthew Nichols. The team delivered an excellent performance, finishing first overall in the relay team event, and achieving... Read more