Sample Requests

Requesting samples

BOSCORF has an open policy regarding sample requests from academic researchers and doctoral students. We supply thousands of marine sediment samples annually to researchers all over the world. Please carefully read the Sample Distribution Policy and the instructions on how to request samples from the repository detailed below.

Before you request

  • Decide which samples you wish to study and request. You can find an inventory of the BOSCORF holdings on our Collections Page.
  • Carefully read the Sample Distribution Policy and Guidelines on how to request samples. Note that material provided may only to be used for the stated purpose and not for any other work, and sub-samples of the material must not be sent to other investigators.
  • Download and complete the Sample Request Form. The completed form should be sent to the Curator at

After you have received samples

  • When you publish on the samples you are requested to acknowledge the BOSCORF in your manuscript. This assists us with documenting the outcomes from the facility to the scientific community and justify the funding we receive.
  • Please send us copies (PDFs), or links to published content that use samples hosted in our collection.

For more information on how to request samples for educational purposes and museum displays, please contact us at