These software packages may help you processing data or with the interpretion of sediment core-based datasets.


PSICAT, CHRONOS’s Paleontological Stratigraphic Interval Construction and Analysis Tool, is a stand-alone Java based graphical editing tool for creating and viewing stratigraphic column diagrams from drill cores and outcrops. (PSICAT website)

Colour conversion software

Munsell colour/CIE/XYZ/RGB color conversion software. Free software for converting between different colour systems. Includes a visual representation of the Munsell colour system. (Munsell website)


A shareware program for drawing graphic logs and log data manipulation. SedLog is a multi-platform software for creating graphic sediment logs. Is designed by geologists for geologists. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface, making it very easy for anyone to use with minimum effort. The graphic sediment logs generated by SedLog can be exported as PDF, SVG, or JPEG for use by other drawing applications or for publications. Log data can be imported and exported in CSV format. Graphic logs can also be printed to any paper size the user wants. Zoom In, Zoom Out, Fit page, Fit Height and Fit Width facilities are also provided to enable the user to customise the workspace size. (SedLog website)


Freeware for handling XRF datasets, calibration and PC analysis of sediment core data (Xelerate website)

Time Scale Creator

This program provides the latest Geological Time Scale (GTS) and Geomagnetic Polarity Time Scale (GPTS). In addition biostratigraphic indicator species can be plotted. (TSC website)


A cyclostratigraphic toolbox that allows you to statistically assess periodicities in time series. It includes options for evolutive and wavelet analysis. (ACycle website)


Updated version of the orignal Analyseries program (MAC only). This version is compatible with the latest MAC operating systems that no longer support 32 bit programmes. (QAnalyseries website).


Sofware package for R that provides routines for astrochronologic testing, astronomical time scale construction, and time series analysis. (Astrochron website)