April 28, 2020
“Back in February 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic had only just reached the UK, I was lucky enough to bring my haul of 22 core sections to BOSCORF at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton for analysis. These gravity cores were retrieved from regions of inshore western Scotland for my PhD project looking at the formation of pockmarks. As gas is produced through microbial decomposition of organic material it can build to a pressure that forces the gas to increase in buoyancy and force... Read more
March 30, 2020
A new paper utilising BOSCORF sediment cores was used to confirm the presence of gas hydrates in pockmark CNE03 from the Nyegga pockmark field, Nordic Seas. The paper, led by Dr Eric Attias (Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology), was co-authored by BOSCORF Deputy Curator, Dr Millie Watts who completed the analysis and interpretation of the sediment cores. The novel approach of this paper combined near surface observations of a sediment core that had contained hydrate on collection... Read more
September 4, 2019
Microplastics are a current hot topic, yet we know little about them in terms of the processes influencing their fate. In particular, estuaries are sites which receive large inputs of microplastics (via rivers), and yet little is known on what happens to this plastic inside the estuary (although it is generally assumed to be exported to the oceans). My research focuses on understanding the fate and transport of microplastics in estuaries, through a combination of field and laboratory work... Read more