Today, we welcomed a brand new Cox Analytical Itrax FleXRay X-ray fluorescence sediment core scanner to our research facility. Providing the only wet or dry sediment Itrax FlexRay scanner in the UK.

New Itrax fully operational in the Analytical Lab

The facility has operated an Itrax core scanner since 2004, which has led to over 300 papers, with 100 of these being in high impact journals. The state-of-the-art Itrax FleXRay can measure elements between Al and U, at resolutions of 200um to 1cm, making it invaluable for high resolution studies, pollution studies and provenance assessment, and is capable of analysing both wet and dry samples.  

Classic sediment cores from cruise CD166 were the first cores scanned on this new system.

This is a continuation of our commitment to offer the best available analysis techniques to the UK and international science communities. BOSCORF is a pioneer in the development of non-destructive XRF core analysis and we continue to be at the forefront of this technique through the installation of this new ITRAX system.

In short, we are delighted at BOSCORF to add this instrument to our facility. If you would like to make use of the new ITRAX  and obtain high-resolution XRF data of your research samples, please send your inquiry to Photos of the installation below:

Arrival of the two wooden crates containing the new system at BOSCORF from Cox Analytical, Gotenberg, Sweden

Some exceptional print handwriting...

Not so exceptional drilling...

Thanks to the whole installation crew for all their hard work. Andy and Matt from Dockside ensured a smooth transition from crate to build in the lab. We couldn't have done it without their help. Finally, thanks to Per and Borje from Cox for travelling to BOSCORF from Sweden for the install and providing exceptional training to the BOSCORF team.