Marine sediment cores are stored in this space at the Lamont-Doherty Core Repository. Credit: Nichole Anest

Colleagues and friends from URI, LDEO, OSU, and WHOI recently published an article in EOS titled "The Importance of Archiving the Seafloor" (click here). They emphasize the crucial role played by repositories like BOSCORF in preserving extensive sample collections and providing expertise to address questions about Earth's climate, marine life, and geohazards. Uniting globally as 'Mud Librarians,' we actively spearhead digitization initiatives, breaking barriers and ensuring that our archives become accessible worldwide. These initiatives exemplify a commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research, accelerating discoveries in oceanography and geoscience, while also engaging in outreach to share our knowledge and resources with the broader scientific community and the public.


Thumbnail Image: Cataloged containers of glass separates are stored in the Schilling Seafloor Glass Collection at the University of Rhode Island (URI) Marine Geological Samples Laboratory (MGSL). Glass is commonly chiseled from submarine lava rocks and stored separately to make filling sample requests for glass more efficient. Credit: Alex De Ciccio