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M. S. Reeder, Stow, D. A. V., and Rothwell, G., Late Quaternary turbidite input into the east Mediterranean basin: new radiocarbon constraints on climate and sea-level control, in Sediment Flux to Basins: Causes, Controls and Consequences. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, vol. 191, S. J. Jones and Frostick, L. E., Eds. London: Geological Society, 2002, pp. 267-278.
M. S. Reeder, Rothwell, G., and Stow, D. A. V., The Sicilian gateway: anatomy of the deep-water connection between East and West Mediterranean basins, in Deep-Water Contourite Systems: Modern Drifts and Ancient Series, Seismic and Sedimentary Characteristics, Geological Society, London, Memoirs, vol. 22, D. A. V. Stow, Pudsey, C. J., Howe, J. A., Faugeres, J. - C., and Viana, A., Eds. London: Geological Society, 2002, pp. 171-189.