Year 2024
Title Year Authors
Análisis integrado del impacto de la variabilidad ambiental en las condiciones del fondo marino en el Mediterráneo durante el último Ciclo Glacial 2024 Santiago Arenillas
Computed Laminography for the study of biogenic structures in sediment cores: A step between two- and three-dimensional imaging 2024 Javier Dorador, Francisco iguez-Tovar, Miros Charidemou, Olmo Miguez-Salas
Evaluation of geomagnetic relative palaeointensity as a chronostratigraphic tool in the Southern Ocean: Refined Plio-/Pleistocene chronology of IODP Site U1533 (Amundsen Sea, West Antarctica) 2024 Becky Hopkins, Chuang Xuan, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Tim van Peer, Yuxi Jin, Thomas Frederichs, Liang Gao, Steve Bohaty
Source rock potential and spatial distribution of the stratigraphic formations in the central Mediterranean Ridge: Evidence from mud volcanic deposits and 2D seismic data 2024 Anastasios Nikitas, Georgios Makrodimitras, Maria Triantaphyllou, Nikolaos Pasadakis, Kimon Christanis, Stavros Kalaitzidis, Grigoris Rousakis, Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Alexandra Gogou, Alexandros Papadopoulos, Efthimios Tartaras, Aristofanis Stefatos
Year 2023
Title Year Authors
Laurentide Ice Sheet persistence during Pleistocene interglacials 2023 Danielle LeBlanc, Jeremy Shakun, Lee Corbett, Paul Bierman, Marc Caffee, Alan Hidy
Metal Preservation and Mobilization in Sediments at the TAG Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge 2023 Adeline Dutrieux, Anna Lichtschlag, Fernando Barriga, Sofia Martins, Jelena Milinovic, Bramley Murton
Palaeoecological responses to environmental changes on South Pacific islands. 2023 Nichola Strandberg
Rapid laminated clastic alluviation associated with increased Little Ice Age flooding co-driven by climate variability and historic land-use in the middle Severn catchment, UK 2023 Ben Pears, Antony Brown, Phillip Toms, Jamie Wood, Benjamin Pennington, Richard Jones
The San Francisco Estuary, USA as a reference section for the Anthropocene series 2023 Stephen Himson, Mark Williams, Jan Zalasiewicz, Colin Waters, Mary McGann, Richard England, Bruce Jaffe, Arnoud Boom, Rachael Holmes, Sue Sampson, Cerin Pye, Juan Berrio, Genevieve Tyrrell, Ian Wilkinson, Neil Rose, Pawel Gaca, Andrew Cundy
Transport and accumulation of litter in submarine canyons: a geoscience perspective 2023 Martina Pierdomenico, Anne Bernhardt, Joris Eggenhuisen, Michael Clare, Claudio Iacono, Daniele Casalbore, Jaime Davies, Ian Kane, Veerle Huvenne, Peter Harris
Volcaniclastic density currents explain widespread and diverse seafloor impacts of the 2022 Hunga Volcano eruption. 2023 Sarah Seabrook, Kevin Mackay, Sally Watson, Michael Clare, James Hunt, Isobel Yeo, Emily Lane, Malcolm Clark, Richard Wysoczanski, Ashley Rowden, Taaniela Kula, Linn Hoffmann, Evelyn Armstrong, Michael Williams
Island ecosystem responses to the Kuwae eruption and precipitation change over the last 1600 years, Efate, Vanuatu 2023 Nichola Strandberg, David Sear, Peter Langdon, Shane Cronin, Catherine Langdon, Ashley Maloney, Samantha Bateman, Thomas Bishop, Ian Croudace, Melanie Leng, Julian Sachs, Matiu Prebble, William Gosling, Mary Edwards, Sandra e
Influences of sea level changes and volcanic eruptions on Holocene vegetation in Tonga 2023 Nichola Strandberg, Mary Edwards, Joanna Ellison, Manuel Steinbauer, Anna Walentowitz, Patricia Fall, David Sear, Peter Langdon, Shane Cronin, Alvaro an, Ian Croudace, Matiu Prebble, William Gosling, Sandra e
From volcanoes to sedimentary systems 2023 A. Di Capua, R. De Rosa, G. Kereszturi, E. Le Pera, M. Rosi, S. Watt
Benthic biology influences sedimentation in submarine channel bends: Coupling of biology, sedimentation and flow 2023 M. Azpiroz-Zabala, E. Sumner, M. Cartigny, J. Peakall, M.~A. Clare, S. Darby, D. Parsons, R. Dorrell, E. Özsoy, D. Tezcan, R. Wynn, J. Johnson
The Contributions of Marine Sediment Cores to Volcanic Hazard Assessments: Present Examples and Future Perspectives 2023 Chris Satow, Sebastian Watt, Mike Cassidy, David Pyle, Yuqiao Deng
Controls on upstream-migrating bed forms in sandy submarine channels 2023 Rebecca Englert, Age Vellinga, Matthieu Cartigny, Michael Clare, Joris Eggenhuisen, Stephen Hubbard
Detailed monitoring reveals the nature of submarine turbidity currents 2023 Peter Talling, Matthieu Cartigny, Ed Pope, Megan Baker, Michael Clare, Maarten Heijnen, Sophie Hage, Dan Parsons, Steve Simmons, Charlie Paull, Roberto Gwiazda, Gwyn Lintern, John Clarke, Jingping Xu, Ricardo Jacinto, Katherine Maier
Disparate energy sources for slow and fast Dansgaard\textendashOeschger cycles 2023 D. Liebrand, A. de Bakker, H. Johnstone, C. Miller
Distal tephra reveal new MIS 5e Kos eruptions: Implications for the chronology and volcanic evolution histories in the Eastern Mediterranean region 2023 Shuang Zhang, Simon Blockley, Simon Armitage, Chris Satow, Christina Manning, Omry Barzilai, Elisabetta Boaretto, Dustin White, Rhys Timms
Fast and destructive density currents created by ocean-entering volcanic eruptions. 2023 Michael Clare, Isobel Yeo, Sally Watson, Richard Wysoczanski, Sarah Seabrook, Kevin Mackay, James Hunt, Emily Lane, Peter Talling, Edward Pope, Shane Cronin, Marta o, Taaniela Kula, David Tappin, Stuart Henrys, Cornel de Ronde, Morelia Urlaub, Stefan Kutterolf, Samuiela Fonua, Semisi Panuve, Dean Veverka, Ronald Rapp, Valey Kamalov, Michael Williams
Year 2022
Title Year Authors
Climate and human exploitation have regulated Atlantic salmon populations in the River Spey, Scotland, over the last 2000 years 2022 D. Sear, P. Langdon, M. Leng, M. Edwards, T. Heaton, C. Langdon, J. Leyland
Contrasting Common Era climate and hydrology sensitivities from paired lake sediment dinosterol hydrogen isotope records in the South Pacific Convergence Zone 2022 Ashley Maloney, Julie Richey, Daniel Nelson, Samantha Hing, David Sear, Jonathan Hassall, Peter Langdon, Ursula Sichrowsky, Robert Schabetsberger, Atoloto Malau, J. Meyer, Ian Croudace, Julian Sachs
Glacial-aged development of the Tunisian Coral Mound Province controlled by glacio-eustatic oscillations and changes in surface productivity 2022 G. Corbera, C. Lo-Iacono, C. Standish, Gr\ acia, C. Ranero, V. Huvenne, Eleni Anagnostou, G. Foster
Global fjords as transitory reservoirs of labile organic carbon modulated by organo-mineral interactions 2022 X. Cui, A. Mucci, T. Bianchi, D. He, D. Vaughn, E. Williams, C. Wang, C. Smeaton, K. Koziorowska-Makuch, J. Faust, A. Plante, B. Rosenheim