Year 2016
Title Year Authors
Effectiveness of a deep-sea cold-water coral Marine Protected Area, following eight years of fisheries closure 2016 A Huvenne V, B Bett, D Masson, T Le Bas, A Wheeler
Experimental abrasion of water submerged bone: The influence of bombardment by different sediment classes on microabrasion rate 2016 S Griffith, C Thompson, T Thompson, R Gowland
Investigating the maximum resolution of \textmuXRF core scanners: A 1800 year storminess reconstruction from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK 2016 Lisa Orme, Liam Reinhardt, Richard Jones, Dan Charman, I. Croudace, Alastair Dawson, Michael Ellis, Andrew Barkwith
Year 2015
Title Year Authors
Micro-XRF Studies of Sediment Cores: A Perspective on Capability and Application in the Environmental Sciences 2015 Guy Rothwell, I. Croudace, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Modern pollution signals in sediments from Windermere, NW England, determined by micro-XRF and lead isotope analysis 2015 H. Miller, I. Croudace, Jonathan Bull, C.J. Cotterill, Justin Dix, Justin Taylor, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
A new contribution to the Late Quaternary tephrostratigraphy of the Mediterranean: Aegean Sea core LC21 2015 C. Satow, E.L. Tomlinson, K. Grant, P.G. Albert, V.C. Smith, C.J. Manning, L. Ottolini, S. Wulf, E. Rohling, J.J. Lowe, S.P.E. Blockley, M.A. Menzies
New insights into landslide processes around volcanic islands from Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) observations offshore Montserrat 2015 S.F.L. Watt, M. Jutzeler, P.J. Talling, S.N. Carey, R.S.J. Sparks, M. Tucker, A.J. Stinton, J.K. Fisher, D. Wall-Palmer, V. Hühnerbach, S.G. Moreton
Parameter Optimisation for the ITRAX Core Scanner 2015 S. Jarvis, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Salt exchange in the Indian-Atlantic Ocean Gateway since the Last Glacial Maximum: A compensating effect between Agulhas Current changes and salinity variations? 2015 Margit Simon, Xun Gong, Ian Hall, Martin Ziegler, Stephen Barker, Gregor Knorr, Marcel van der Meer, Sebastian Kasper, Stefan Schouten
Twenty years of XRF core scanning marine sediments: What do geochemical proxies tell us? 2015 Guy Rothwell, I. Croudace, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Use of calibrated ITRAX XRF data in determining geochemistry and provenance in Agadir Basin, Northwest African Passive Margin 2015 J. Hunt, I. Croudace, Suzanne MacLachlan, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
X-Ray Core Scanners as an Environmental Forensics Tool: A Case Study of Polluted Harbour Sediment (Augusta Bay, Sicily) 2015 Ian Croudace, Elena Romano, Antonella Ausili, Luisa Bergamin, Guy Rothwell, Ian Croudace, Guy Rothwell
A micropalaeontological perspective on export productivity, oxygenation and temperature in \NE\ Atlantic deep-waters across Terminations I and \.II\ 2015 Patrick Grunert, L. Skinner, David Hodell, Werner Piller
Micro-abrasion of flint artifacts by mobile sediments : a taphonomic approach Micro-abrasion of flint artifacts by mobile sediments : a taphonomic approach 2015 Wei Chu, Charlie Thompson, Rob Hosfield
Mediterranean climate and oceanography, and the periodic development of anoxic events (sapropels) 2015 E. Rohling, G. Marino, Katharine Grant
Anthropogenic contaminants in Venice Lagoon sediments and their pore fluids: Results from the SIOSED Project 2015 Joris Gieskes, Seunghee Han, Anthony Rathburn, Guy Rothwell, Elena erez, Magali Porrachia, Andrea Barbanti, Dimitri Deheyn
Bipolar seesaw control on last interglacial sea level 2015 G. Marino, E. Rohling, Rodr\ iguez-Sanz, Katharine Grant, D. Heslop, Andrew Roberts, J. Stanford, J. Yu
Changes in the strength of the Nordic Seas Overflows over the past 3000 years 2015 Paola Moffa-Sanchez, Ian Hall, David Thornalley, Stephen Barker, Connor Stewart
Eastern South African hydroclimate over the past 270,000 years 2015 Margit Simon, Martin Ziegler, Joyce Bosmans, Stephen Barker, Chris Reason, Ian Hall
An Empirical Assessment of Variable Water Content and Grain-Size on X-Ray Fluorescence Core-Scanning Measurements of Deep Sea Sediments 2015 J. Hunt, Suzanne MacLachlan, I. Croudace, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Future Developments and Innovations in High-Resolution Core Scanning 2015 I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Identification, Correlation and Origin of Multistage Landslide Events in Volcaniclastic Turbidites in the Moroccan Turbidite System 2015 James Hunt, Russell Wynn, I. Croudace, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Identification of paleo Arctic winter sea ice limits and the marginal ice zone: Optimised biomarker-based reconstructions of late Quaternary Arctic sea ice 2015 Simon Belt, Patricia Cabedo-Sanz, Lukas Smik, Alba Navarro-Rodriguez, Sarah Berben, Jochen Knies, Katrine Husum
ItraxPlot: An Intuitive Flexible Program for Rapidly Visualising Itrax Data 2015 I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell, I. Croudace, Guy Rothwell
Year 2014
Title Year Authors
Chapter 25: How do ~2\textdegree Slopes fail in areas of slow sedimentation? A sensitivity study on the influence of accumulation rate and permeability on submarine slope stability 2014 Morelia Urlaub, Antonis Zervos, Peter Talling, Douglas Masson, Chris Clayton, Y Yamada