Year 2020
Title Year Authors
Gas hydrate quantification at a pockmark offshore Norway from joint effective medium modelling of resistivity and seismic velocity 2020 Eric Attias, Kelvin Amalokwu, Millie Watts, I. Falcon-Suarez, Laurence North, G. Hu, Angus Best, Karen Weitemeyer, Tim Minshull
Geophysical early warning of salt precipitation during geological carbon sequestration 2020 I. Falcon-Suarez, Kurt Livo, Ben Callow, H\ in-Moreno, Manika Prasad, Angus Best
A global database of Holocene paleotemperature records 2020 Darrell Kaufman, colleagues
Year 2019
Title Year Authors
Quantification of African Monsoon Runoff During Last Interglacial Sapropel S5 2019 Jessica Amies, Eelco Rohling, Katharine Grant, Laura iguez-Sanz, Gianluca Marino
Practical guidelines and recent advances in the Itrax XRF core-scanning procedure 2019 Ludvig Löwemark, Menno Bloemsma, Ian Croudace, J. Daly, Robin Edwards, Pierre Francus, Jennifer Galloway, Braden Gregory, J. Huang, Anna Jones, Malin Kylander, Ludvig Löwemark, Yangbing Luo, Suzanne Maclachlan, Christian Ohlendorf, R. Patterson, Christof Pearce, Jörn Profe, E. Reinhardt, Christian Stranne, Rik Tjallingii, Jonathan Turner
Pockmarks in the Witch Ground Basin, Central North Sea 2019 Christoph Böttner, Christian Berndt, Benedict Reinardy, Jacob Geersen, Jens Karstens, Jonathan Bull, Ben Callow, Anna Lichtschlag, Mark Schmidt, Judith Elger, Bettina Schramm, Matthias Haeckel
Organic matter contents and degradation in a highly trawled area during fresh particle inputs (Gulf of Castellammare, southwestern Mediterranean) 2019 Sarah Paradis, Antonio Pusceddu, Pere e, Pere Puig, Davide Moccia, Tommaso Russo, C. Lo-Iacono
Sediment structure and physicochemical changes following tidal inundation at a large open coast managed realignment site 2019 Jonathan Dale, Andrew Cundy, Kate Spencer, Simon Carr, Ian Croudace, Heidi Burgess, David Nash
Sponge skeletons as an important sink of silicon in the global oceans 2019 Manuel Maldonado, Mar\ opez-Acosta, Cèlia a, Marta ia-Puig, Cristina Galobart, Gemma Ercilla, Aude Leynaert
Using lake sediment archives to improve understanding of flood magnitude and frequency: Recent extreme flooding in northwest UK 2019 R.C. Chiverrell, D.A. Sear, J. Warburton, N. Macdonald, D.N. Schillereff, J.A. Dearing, I.W. Croudace, J. Brown, J. Bradley
Volcanism of the South Aegean Volcanic Arc 2019 Georges Vougioukalakis, Christopher Satow, Timothy Druitt
Weddell Sea Expedition 2019 Cruise Scientific Report 2019 J. Dowdeswell
Where\textquoterights the Carbon: Exploring the Spatial Heterogeneity of Sedimentary Carbon in Mid-Latitude Fjords 2019 Craig Smeaton, William Austin
A novel biomarker-based proxy for the spring phytoplankton bloom in Arctic and sub-arctic settings \textendash HBI T25 2019 Simon Belt, Lukas Smik, Denizcan Köseoglu, Jochen Knies, Katrine Husum
A new varve sequence from Windermere, UK, records rapid ice retreat prior to the Lateglacial Interstadial (GI-1) 2019 Rachael Avery, Alan Kemp, Jonathan Bull, Richard Pearce, Mark Vardy, J. Fielding, Carol Cotterill
Millennial and centennial variations in zircon U-Pb ages in the quaternary indus submarine canyon 2019 Yuting Li, Peter Clift, Paul O\textquoterightSullivan
200-year industrial archaeological record preserved in an Isle of Man saltmarsh sediment sequence: Geochemical and radiochronological evidence 2019 I. Croudace, P. Teasdale, A. Cundy
Asian summer monsoon influence on chemical weathering and sediment provenance determined by clay mineral analysis from the Indus Submarine Canyon 2019 Yuting Li, Peter Clift, Richard Murray, Elise Exnicios, Thomas Ireland, Philipp Böning
Asynchronous Antarctic and Greenland ice-volume contributions to the last interglacial sea-level highstand 2019 E.J. Rohling, F. Hibbert, K.M. Grant, E.V. Galaasen, N. Irvali, H.F. Kleiven, G. Marino, U. Ninnemann, A.P. Roberts, Y. Rosenthal, H. Schulz, F.H. Williams, J. Yu
Autoxidation of the sea ice biomarker proxy IPSO25 in the near-surface oxic layers of Arctic and Antarctic sediments 2019 J.-F. Rontani, L. Smik, S. Belt
The biogeochemical impact of glacial meltwater from Southwest Greenland 2019 Katharine Hendry, Veerle Huvenne, Laura Robinson, Amber Annett, Marcus Badger, Allison Jacobel, Hong Chin-Ng, Jacob Opher, Rebecca Pickering, Michelle Taylor, Stephanie Bates, Adam Cooper, Grace Cushman, Claire Goodwin, Shannon Hoy, George Rowland, Ana Samperiz, James Williams, Eric Achterberg, Carol Arrowsmith, J. Brearley, Sian Henley, Jeffrey Krause, Melanie Leng, Tao Li, Jerry McManus, Michael Meredith, Rupert Perkins, E. Woodward
Biomarker evidence for the occurrence of anaerobic ammonium oxidation in the eastern Mediterranean Sea during Quaternary and Pliocene sapropel formation 2019 D. Rush, H. Talbot, M. van der Meer, E. Hopmans, B. Douglas, J. e
Convergent human and climate forcing of late-Holocene flooding in Northwest England 2019 D.N. Schillereff, R.C. Chiverrell, N. Macdonald, J.M. Hooke, K.E. Welsh, G. Piliposian, I.W. Croudace
Direct Monitoring Reveals Initiation of Turbidity Currents From Extremely Dilute River Plumes 2019 Sophie Hage, M. Cartigny, Esther Sumner, Michael Clare, J. Hughes-Clarke, Peter Talling, D. Lintern, Stephen Simmons, Ricardo Silva-Jacinto, Age Vellinga, Joshua Allin, Maria Azpiroz-Zabala, Jenny Gales, Jamie Hizzett, James Hunt, Alessandro Mozzato, Daniel Parsons, Ed Pope, Cooper Stacey, William Symons, Mark Vardy, Camilla Watts
Ecological characterisation of a Mediterranean cold-water coral reef: Cabliers Coral Mound Province (Alboran Sea, western Mediterranean) 2019 Guillem Corbera, Claudio Lo-Iacono, Eul\ acia, Jordi o, Martina Pierdomenico, V. Huvenne, Ricardo Aguilar, J. Gili