April 2, 2019
The response and adaptations of Homo Sapiens to environmental changes over the last 200 kyr can provide an important insight into future response of today's society to changing climate. The relationship between humans and environment, in particular the driver of the human dispersal out of Africa remains poorly understood. My research aims to investigate the link between hominin migration and environmental changes over the last 200 kyr (Marine Isotope Stages 6 - 1) by reconstructing... Read more
April 2, 2019
Through the work I am doing on the geochemical characterisation of my cores, alongisde palaeoecological analysis (Pollen, NPPS, micro-Charcoal and Phytoliths), I am trying to establish whether ancient agricultural systems in two regions of Peru; the Cordillera Blanca (Ancash Region) and the Chillón Valley (Lima and Juinin Regions), were resilient to intensive human activities and extreme periods of climate change over the past two millennia. The past 2000 years encompasses some major... Read more
March 4, 2019
Last December, BOSCORF took a selection of sediment cores to the British Sedimentological Research Group AGM at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. We provided cores to illustrate the contourite facies discussed in one of the pre-AGM sessions, in addition to taking a sample of cores we use for teaching purposes, and several from a wide range of environments that were on display throughout the first day of the conference. This provided us with an excellent opportunity to engage with new... Read more