January 10, 2019
sediment core This study concentrates on the Zagros region during a crucial period in human history. Wide-scale transition from mobile hunter-gatherer to sedentary farmer-herder in the Fertile Crescent, during the Neolithic period, has been identified, indicating the establishment of new lifestyles and diets, including plant and animal domestication. However, despite being a region of such significance, the Zagros area has received little attention in terms of palaeoenvironmental studies.... Read more
November 19, 2018
The recent announcement of the oldest ‘intact’ shipwreck from the Black Sea made international news last week ( BOSCORF played an important role in this story by providing the necessary space to study the recovered ship timbers, including the recording, wood identification, laser scanning and the sampling for radiocarbon dating that was instrumental in confirming the ship dates from c.400 BC date. This was... Read more
August 31, 2018
PhD student Rachael Shuttleworth (@rachshuts) from NOC recently visited local school Oakwood Primary where she held a morning session with the reception class as part of their annual science week. After a short assembly introducing the children to key concepts such as global warming and climate change the classes were split up into groups for an experiment using infra-red lamps to heat up bottles filled with CO2 and air – where the bottle that was filled up with CO2 got hotter, faster! This... Read more